Rumor Has It

Indianapolis, Louisville
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Once a upon a time, in the not too recent past but not really long ago, Angie and Cathy, members of the  bass clef club started hanging around the neighborhood barbershop talking about how it’s “all about the bass”.  This attracted other bass clef club members, as well as innocent bystanders, into the barbershop.  The rumblings coming from the area caused a lot of commotion which, in turn, caused concern.
Word of this trouble spot spread across the country to Pam and Kay who felt they needed to investgate this matter.  They went into the corner barbershop to confront the two ringleaders of the bass club.  “We hear you’re looking for a little treble,” they said.  “Meet us on the corner if you’re not afraid.” And that is how this quartet got started . . . . .or at that’s the way Rumor Has It.

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Join us for rehearsals
Tuesdays at 6:45pm.
9030 East 96th Street
Fishers IN 46038
(River of Life Church)

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